Brian Baxter

Brian Baxter 

Professional Toastmaster Announcer and Master of Ceremonies

A Closer Look …

With many years experience in military event planning (in fact 34 years), this professional Toastmaster Announcer and Master of Ceremonies provides a wealth of experience as a toastmaster.
He gives any event a heightened sense of occasion, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, on time with diligence and passion and is fully committed to his role as a toastmaster. Intimately providing a structure for hosts and guests of any function, formal or informal throughout the region.A successful public speaker in his own right, Brian has been involved in training business clients and professional people in the art of effective communication. Brian sets high standards for himself which is clear to see whilst he engages in his toastmaster duties.
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With and eye for attention to detail and a polite and personal service, the toastmaster gives a professional service. He will ensure that the wedding or civil partnership reception is conducted with due attention to protocol, to free up the banqueting manager and staff to concentrate on the catering arrangements. The service is designed to provide “peace of mind” for bride, bridegroom, partners, parents and guests and is designed to be cost effective, enabling clients to enjoy their memorable day.Brian Baxter charges a set daily fee, and there are no hidden or additional charges.The art of toastmastering can be traced as far back as Hebrew times, and to the practises of the Greeks and Romans of offering toasts to their many gods and heroes. During the reign of King Charles II, it was customary to drop pieces of spiced toast into wine to improve its flavour, and by the 17th century, the “toasting” of friends and important guests at banquets had become very popular. The origins of toastmastering as is known today are to be found in the 19th century, when private clubs began to appoint a member to act as a master of ceremonies, professional toastmasters like Brian Baxter are skilled in the many and varied disciplines of event management. A good toastmaster must be many things.Professional Toastmaster Announcer and Master of Ceremonies has a growing network of clients, situated around Perth and further afield, including private clients – testimonials on request.The business is managed by Brian Steven Baxter who has been focusing on the wedding toastmasters business for many years. Brian is adequately trained and examined by a Professional Body to run the business

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