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Bridal Eyewear

Bridal Eyewear

We specialise in glasses/eyewear for all special occasions, from beautiful Swarovski crystals to match the colour of your tie, to bespoke, individually decorated frames.

As a qualified Opticians, we advise on the best lens for your prescription, style and facial shape and take the time to match your eyewear to your outfit for that very special day. Whether it’s your wedding, a race day, prom, or an awards evening, your eyewear is very much part of you and has to look right for your image and the occasion.

When you meet someone do they look at the ground and see your shoes or look at your face and see your eyes?

How many pairs of shoes do you own and how many pairs of glasses?

We believe your eyewear is a great accessory and not just a visual correction!


Tel: Goole 01405 761386, Howden 01430 432133, Snaith 01405 862364, Knaresborough 01423 799997


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