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Why you should both meet your photographer before booking.

Personally, I would never take a booking for a wedding over the phone or by email, unless I had already met the happy couple.
Here’s my reasoning;
Your wedding day is one of the most overwhelming and intimate occasions of your life together.
To have a complete stranger following you both around all day, when your nerves are on edge and you’re feeling rather self conscious isn’t the correct mix.
When you’ve found someone whose work you admire and their price is within your budget, make an appointment for you both to meet them. It’s important that you both meet your photographer as you should each feel comfortable with your choice.
Take into consideration that this person will be there all day with you. From dressing in the morning until your first dance in the evening – or however your day goes. Your photographer will capture all the day’s emotions – tears, joy, nerves and intimacy.
Therefore, it really is so important that you both feel at ease with your photographer to enable you to relax and enjoy your big day.

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