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Designs by Sarah Jane


The tradition of making and wearing jewellery is centuries old. People in older times used to make beautiful pieces of jewels from stones, bones and sea shells. Women of that era were not different from modern women of today as they also loved to adorn themselves with delicate and unique jewels.Way way back in time people were that superstitious that  some of them believed that wearing jewels could protect them from misfortune and evil spirits and so they never forgot to wear their lucky charms. Today a diverse collection of jewellery pieces or accessories are made ranging from most precious metals like platinum, white and yellow gold, sterling silver to less expensive metals like; titanium, stainless steel, rubber, plastic, glass and wood. More and more designers are coming in this field and to show their talent and skills by providing a wide range of fashionable and classic items.So in short nothing really has changed from centuries ago, have they?

Here at Designs by Sarah Janes we offer a wide range of unique pieces of jewellery to match any occasion, whether it’s for your engagement,  for you to wear or to give to your partner as a present. Perhaps you want that extra special piece of jewellery for your civil partnership or honeymoon. Be rest assured though choosing your jewellery from us you can be guaranteed that everyone will want what you / partner is wearing.

But there are other reasons to shop with us. The ‘Art of giving ‘these days comes close to our hearts and its not just about the adults.  We also produce a range of fun handmade childrens jewellery that every girl and boy would love to wear.

Innovation is something that people want these days so we’ve gone that extra mile just for you.  As well as jewellery and accessories , we have produced the most cutest Princess Cards, Notelets and Albums for those of you that want still want that girly touch.

We are so glad to be supporting civil partnerships and look forward to you visiting our online shops where as well as offering the products you see online, we offer a bespoke service for any occasion too.

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