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Music and lighting, when used together, have a powerful and heady impact on their audiences. They are the basic inputs for a celebration. Traditionally the supplier is known as the DJ. He is the guy (sometimes girl) banging out the party tunes (generally the same songs) behind a barrage of flashing lights, lasers and smoke.

 That is not me. Let’s turn it around. I’m more than just a DJ.

I start with getting to understand you my client…..your partner…..your family……. your friends etc.   It’s not heavy it is really just a chat. What you like. What you dislike. We start shaping the outlines of your event. We discuss personalisation – for ceremony music, wedding breakfast background, reception party, introduction of speakers, etc. Personalisation makes the event unique to you.

 We must discuss the venue. Every venue has unique characteristics – except the ubiquitous hotel chain function rooms. I look to enhance the characteristics of the venue that reflect my clients’ desired celebration. We must also discuss the room layout. So often venues do things the way they do, simply because that is how they have always done it. It is not necessarily the best way for you! Celebrations flow better when the event unfolds naturally.

Playing the right music is obviously essential. Music carries with it an association with important stages in our lives. We must incorporate this into your celebration. And also why not involve your guests also? It makes sense to. It’s then an inclusive event. Playing meaningful music resonates through a group. Let’s have some shout outs. Not the usual ‘Radio DJ chat’ but relevant comments. It can make a great celebration brilliant.

 Great music and appropriate lighting, when done well, is very powerful. I have delivered countless fantastic celebrations. Please check out my website and get in touch if you like this approach

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