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I have always loved weddings, and I’ve always loved pretty pictures. It only made sense that the two of these loves came together. There’s something so exciting about going through beautiful pictures in magazines or on blogs, and getting inspired. It’s even more exciting when I go out and create something just as beautiful.

Your wedding photographs are the only thing (apart from a film if you’re getting one, and of course your marriage certificate – and hopefully your love for one another…) remaining after the big day that you’ve spent potentially thousands of pounds on.

I believe in capturing not only a beautiful photograph summing up your wedding day – but also including emotion, taking you back to the way you felt at that exact moment. These images aren’t necessarily the ones looking longingly into one another’s eyes – but also consisting of the candid, unaware photographs.

I shot my first wedding alone in 2011. It has been a roller-coaster since, sharing the most special day, with the most awesome people. I always find something I love about a venue, where ever it may be. I absolutely adore my job and love weddings that have time and effort put into them. I love the small details as well as the big ones.

If you feel that we’ll get along nicely – and that you’re scouting me out to be your memory catcher, pop me an email. Oh, I also won a pretty sweet award in April 2013, Best wedding photographer for Scotland.. That made me pretty happy!
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