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What we offer
Star Dancers UK offers a performance package which can contain any combination of solo, duo or group dance acts. We work with you to tailor our offering to suit your budget and themes. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, transparent and professional service from enquiry through to the event itself.
Our duo/group performances can be in any of the following styles:
– Bollywood
– Bellydance
– Samba
– Cabaret
– Hawaiian/Tahitian Hula
– Fusion (just tell us what styles you are looking to fuse)
Our dancers are also specialists in a wide variety of dance styles, and can therefore provide solo performances in:
– ballet
– contemporary
– classical Indian
– hip hop
– jazz
– salsa
– tap
– any of our Group Dance styles
Our performances are usually about 5 minutes long to ensure audience engagement, and we can make as many appearances as you would like throughout your event. Alternatively, we would also be able to put on a 20-30 minute variety-style show, showcasing different dance styles.
We can also offer add-ons such as a dance workshop with guests, meet & greet at the start of the event or audience interaction. If you are looking to surprise guests at a special event with a professionally choreographed performance by you and your friends/family this is something we can also help with.
What we charge
Our pricing varies depending on how many dancers you require, and you will always be quoted in the form of a cost per dancer plus flat travel charge (if necessary). To confirm a booking we take a 20% deposit (subject to a £100 minimum), with the balance due 2 weeks before the event.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a competitive bespoke quote.
Event day requirements
We normally request that clients provide:
– a room for dancers to wait between performances, get changed and leave their belongings securely
– unlimited water/soft drinks
– a hot meal for each dancer, if total stay is longer than 2 hours
Additionally, if travel back to London on the same day is not feasible, we would also request that accommodation is provided for the dancers.
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